Tyler's challenge:

5 is a even number! Do you want to know why!!! This is how that number is even.If you split 5 in 1/2 it will be 2.5. If you use cookies you give 2 to you and 2 someone else.Then you split the last cookie in 1/2.1/2 goes to you and the other 1/2 goes to someone else.In class we have been debating that the number is even or odd I say its even! I can prove this with any number that is not even.I came up with this one day in class.If you disagree that is perfictly fine.

Zach: I believe that there is no such thing as odd numbers because you can divide any number if you use decimals.
I believe the there is no such thing as a odd number cause you can divide any number using decimals like so 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 and .5 is a decimal. So really the word "odd" doesn't exist.

Will: there is no such thing as a odd number. If you have five cookies, me and Mrs White each get 2 there is one left but you can split it and you both get a half.

=There Are Odd Numbers Because......=

Let's say we were playing a game when you have to play with the same amount of people on both teams and there were 15 people playing, I can't just suddenly cut one person in half.

I think that there are odd numbers and 5 is a even number because if you have 5 kids and split them up, half goes to play games for half hour and the other half goes to eat lunch for half a hour and then the two groups switch.

There is only 1 odd number, that number is 1 because if you have one person you can not put them in two different places at the same time, unless you cut them in half. But you could have 1 cookie you can cut it evenly. So people can say there is no odd numbers but they are not looking at it like you are.


i think that five is not an odd number because you can divide five in half and it will be even. i am confused about the number one because it could be an odd or an even and i am not sure if it is only odd or only even.


i do believe and i do not because most numbers are even but there is one number that is odd and it is 1. i mean you can split like 3 5 7 9 in haft but no one can split 1. You can split 5 in haft because say you had 5 people and you had to split them up for math, for an hour 3 kids go to Miss Whites' and the other haft goes to Miss Alberston's room then the next hour they swich, that would be even but i am still a little caunfused.

I agee with Tyler half way

there are odd numbers in whole numbers
but there are no odd numbers in fracshons
but this dosn`t apply with live things.



There is no such thing as an odd number because you have 7 cookies and you want to share them with a friend, you both get 3 and there is one remainder and you can split that in half and you both have an even amount of cookies. But always remember that in whole numbers there is definitely odd numbers. But, in decimals there is no such thing.

Jessica: October 26
Odd Even There is such thing as odd number because if there is no odd number than why do they talk about odd numbers

Jessica: November 8
Odd Even
There is such thing as odd numbers because they only go in the rational catigory and not in the irrational catigory.